Content Strategy For Thought Leaders

Get introduced to the DNA of Thought Leaders. Learn what sets them apart from the rest. How is it different from being subject-matter experts, entrepreneurs, researchers, or just another boss.

In the digital age of impulsive purchases and instant gratification, thought leadership is abused to be the sum total of the number of likes, followers, shares, comments and so on. To me, they only carry social validation but do not really speak about the authority or thoughts of the leader.

To me, a thought is a culminated manifestation of cumulative experiences, beliefs, perspectives, and influences that belong to a person.

To battle contradictions, attract attention, build a voice, establish clout, and create ripples around one’s own thought is Thought Leadership.

Here is a free course that challenges you to become a Thought Leader in your Niche, in just 100-days.  However, the course is designed in such a way that it allows you to enjoy holidays in between lessons, gain some weekend inspiration, and spend just 15 mins every day to build your Thought Leadership. The courses focus on multiple aspects that require you to become a Thought Leader and highlights the necessary content strategy that best suits aspiring Thought Leaders.

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Criteria to Subscribe to this Course:

Though you do have to pay any monetary compensation to access this course, it demands your 100% commitment and time. To ensure that your existing lifestyle is not disturbed, this course shares insights stitched to actions or to-dos that would need 3 to 4 days a week.

You will engage yourself with this course over an email campaign that drops a 15-minute exercise into your inbox every day.  The exercise is a combination of reading, practice, and activity.

How Do I Know that I have completed the Course?

At the end of each segment, you will be prompted to a quiz. Upon completion of the quiz with a minimum cut-off, you will be notified about the completion of the course.

Why Should I Subscribe?

You will receive a daily dose of activities, inspiration, and real-life examples into your Inbox apart from the articles that you can access here. This daily dose is designed to last only 15-minutes each day. You don’t have to endlessly spend time on this course each day.

What happens after 100 days?

You will continue to receive hacks and tools that help you establish your Thought Leadership. If you choose to stop receiving updates, you can unsubscribe to the list.