Double down

3 Content distribution techniques that promote Growth: Double down


“Double down”. Did you hear that from your boss that, it is the new KRA for content specialists. You can make it happen with a little help from your technology team. Especially with tech products or products that heavily depend on technology, these distribution techniques work to deliver rapid growth.

3 Content Distribution techniques to Double Down

  1. Browser plugins
  2. Auto-response
  3. Notifications

Why would they work?

  • Instant gratification: In an age that provides gratification as of yesterday, immediate interaction always works. These techniques provide instant gratification.
  • Personalization: Because each of these draws attention and makes the user feel really important, it works. Making anyone feel important, useful, and unique is literally like stepping out of a successful date.
  • Scalable & Repeatable: You can do this with many. You can do it again and again. This is probably what puts your growth on auto-pilot.

Other techniques that fulfill these principles also work for growth hacking.

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