3 opportunities when your CRM can talk to marketing automation tool


Can your #CRM talk to your #marketingautomation platform? Or any of your standalone #martech tool talk to another in your stack? Techstack interoperability is more than API implementation. It is about optimizing revenues with better organization of data.

Data chaos due to poor interoperability among marketing tools costs marketers heavily. If your martech stack is unable to talk to each other, then you are losing on three opportunities.

  1. You are not tapping into #integratedmarketing to the fullest potential. This means that your customers are not getting a seamless #experience
  2. You are throwing away data into walled analytics of single tools. Which means you are creating a lot of data dust. It’s like saying ‘keep the change’ after a transaction. If you were Uncle Scrooge you know that your cumulative collection of data dust is actually trashed #customerdata. It gives cues about what the customer is willing to spend money on.
  3. You are leaving the big opportunity of retention and acing the act of recurring revenue by not applying data that cues you about who is willing to buy now.

Just having A grade tools in your #martechstack is not enough.

It’s all about interoperability between different Marketing tools and technologies.

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