5 Content ideas hidden in simple everyday Conversations


Two teams that you have a faceoff almost everyday are – sales teams and customer success teams. While interacting with there are two layers of conversations that you can filter. These conversations are great sources of content ideas for production.

5 Content ideas hidden and found in Sales conversations.

Sales serves as a rich source of relevant content about your product. It’s very effective and we miss out.

Have you ever sat down with your sales team and SDRs to collect the questions that they are asked during their conversations?

1. Talk to prospects
2. Talk to customers both existing and recurring
3. Talk to sales people
4. Talk to SDRs your SQL content. Helps you convert from mql to SQL.
5. Talk to partners and vendors on how they perceive your product and what do they need.

All of them are a part of the selling process.

5 content ideas from Customer Success conversations.

Right from resolving tickets to adopting features customers share their thoughts.

So here are some angles which can be used to develop content:
1. How a ticket was resolved?
2. Repeated questions into product adoption videos
3. Converting chat conversations into know how articles
4. How a product feature is used for an unusual use case by the customer?
5. Show micro usecases by industry based on customizations made.

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