Are you clogging data funnel that can enrich data?


What would you do if your customer kept giving you cues?
Yesterday my customer shared her product preferences (via shopping cart). Today, I got cues that she is looking for baby products(search history). Days later, she chatted with my customer support team to help her with a refund on her maternity clothes. (customer support)

As a marketer, my customer is giving me cues. And when I need to target her again for more mom and baby products where can I find her again?

How to capture customer cues through data signals?

Here are a few thoughts, what else would you do?

1. Using tags to build character clusters.

2. Creating a pixel management system for all media files of products, study the click behavior pattern.

3. Set up heat maps for subjective behavior pattern.

4. Integrate the point of data source such as website, chat, e-commerce cart, backend analytics, tag management with a front end customer data platform

It matters from where your #customer data is coming and what is the central repository.

It is more about data elimination and de-duplication. Cleansing this customer’s #data, profile after profile, all at the same time in an automatic manner would help in accessing real time #customerdata.

Data enrichment
Courtesy: Nischala Agnihotri

What would you do if your customer kept giving you cues?

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