Used Content UX to design a productive routine during COVID-19 lockdown WFH times?

During the sudden lockdown that was announced across the world as well as in India, I became a victim of chaos, uncertainty, and disorder. I wanted my rhythm back. The rhythm that I intended to use to have some sanity, harmony, and happiness in and around my life. Using the principles of Content UX and […]

First draft from a Content Writer? How should it look?

It is annoying not to hear from your writer, for days. Suddenly, an email pops into your inbox from the writer. You are excited that finally, you have an article that could get published, and when you open the document, you are like eeewww!! Thankfully, professional writers avoid delivering this kind of first-level experience. What […]

How to use Neuromarketing for your Business?

The last 6 months on Linkedin was interesting. I received consistent and increased connection requests on Linkedin from many unknown profiles, asking me ‘how can they use neuromarketing to improve their business?’. So, I am taking a stab at it. Let me explain. Marketers deal with both—the known and the unknown. The unknown is sitting […]