Customer’s Mind – Who knows it best?

I am an intuitive person. Most of my life’s major decisions were based on intuition.  Though I apply intuition at work too, I spend some extra time to validate my intuition with data. They translate into insights. That just helps me make more informed and consensual decisions. But with impulsive purchases, I don’t go through […]

What should you expect out of a good content writer?

Step-2 in my recommended content development process is to set the right expectations. While the writer could share their expectations, here is what you should be asking for. First, let’s understand what a content writer is capable of delivering. This helps us understand if your writer is under-delivering or doing an awesome job. Here’s what […]

Your Freelance Content Writer disappointed you? Content Development Process to help you.

Your previous content writing project sucked? Do you blame your writer? If you want to find a true solution and honest answers, read on. I want to help people create great content and communicate at their best to run businesses. TLDR. Download this visually transcripted e-book that explains ‘How you can make most out of […]