Become a Story Scientist

The best Story Scientist sells the most. Not always the storyteller.

Storytelling has transformed. And now, it is a scientific discipline in itself. As a content strategist, I care most about the science behind storytelling.

Why do religions use stories to tuck traditions, secrets, and rituals into them? Why do folklore use fables which ensure stories of maharajas and heroes are passed on from a generation to another? Why do political speeches carry the nation’s history and not about their own career growth?

Why do CEOs stitch emotion into their marketing speeches? Why Nike talks about women more than sportswear? Why do oil and gas companies talk about fuelling lives rather than fuel prices? Why do social media companies around the globe use blue in their logos and not yellow?

Intriguing? Yes, for me too.

This made me create this FREE newsletter that connects neurosciences, cognitive behavior, marketing, technology, spirituality, motherhood, and pure life.

Who are Story Scientists?

Story Scientists think through what content needs to be produced, and how it needs to be delivered and packaged. These are stories that your customers would love to hear. How do you create stories backed by a true promise to solve a problem?

Mastering Story science.

Packaging content as a story for people to successfully consume and take action is a science. Yes, there is a method behind it. To repeat and customize the formula you need practice. To consistently deliver great stories is the art.

Learning doesn’t stop. Get a content hack that introduces you to the world of story science, every week.

What will you get?

Every week on Thursday, you will get an exercise that elaborates about a Content Hack and how to apply it at work, for your own business, scripts to convince your team on new ideas, emerging technology, and stacks, and my notes.

Who is it for?

This newsletter is designed to help content professionals with different names. If your designation is close to any of these, then you would benefit most out of it.

  • Content Manager
  • Content Marketer
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