Blogging is the warm up exercise to Write something Bigger. A Book?


I borrowed this title from someone I know. “Blogging is a warm-up exercise for writing a Book Click To Tweet“, this is true. It prepares you to get back into the battle ring just before the final call, though you are brutally bruised during the writing journey.

Blogging begins with writing those few hundred words every day. Polishing each sentence over several rounds of editing. Publishing each script, though you know no one may like it, share it, comment on it, or even view it! Despite knowing that your piece of art will not be acknowledged, you will set yourself up to wake up every day and write those few words before you sleep.

It helps you become think-skinned towards rejection and criticism. It helps you learn fast. It helps you fix things faster and publish a better version. It trains you to consume a routine of writing that soon becomes your second nature.

What really matters is to stay committed until your words mature into a Book that is published…

Then, writing still continues.


P.S. Thanks to Mangalam, Author of Lean Product Management.

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