First draft from a Content Writer? How should it look?

It is annoying not to hear from your writer, for days. Suddenly, an email pops into your inbox from the writer. You are excited that finally, you have an article that could get published, and when you open the document, you are like eeewww!! Thankfully, professional writers avoid delivering this kind of first-level experience. What […]

What should you expect out of a good content writer?

Step-2 in my recommended content development process is to set the right expectations. While the writer could share their expectations, here is what you should be asking for. First, let’s understand what a content writer is capable of delivering. This helps us understand if your writer is under-delivering or doing an awesome job. Here’s what […]

Your Freelance Content Writer disappointed you? Content Development Process to help you.

Your previous content writing project sucked? Do you blame your writer? If you want to find a true solution and honest answers, read on. I want to help people create great content and communicate at their best to run businesses. TLDR. Download this visually transcripted e-book that explains ‘How you can make most out of […]