Empathetic Writing — Eliminate Boredom while writing

Confessions of a writer. It takes a lot to commit to yourself to be a writer. And, when you do so, as a writer you expect that your clients should understand what it takes for you to research, research, and research, then write and then edit to complete an aesthetic presentation of thoughts into an […]

Not necessarily, a picture speaks a thousand words!

I strongly feel that a Picture is a canvas that invites more than one perspective, determined by your interpretation. Every interpretation is influenced by your personal experience and exposure to environments. Why do I say so? Look at this picture. This is the picture from the cold mountains in Northern China. The dystopians call it […]

What Really Goes Behind the Content Writing Process?

Wake up at 5.30 am. Run through a few quick stretches, breathing exercises. Slide into the kitchen, grab some ingredients from the refrigerator to cook food for your kids and husband. They need to step out of the house by 8.00 am. So, your clock starts ticking soon. Grab your book so that you reach […]