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Content Marketers spend almost 25 percent of their time reading. Content Marketing is a fast-paced niche industry that requires professionals to update almost every day. We begin our day with RSS feeds, Podcasts, reading lists, newsletters, and a daily dose of book reading. Reading all of them may not be feasible. Choosing the best is done for you through this list. If you still need help, you can use the reading algorithm.

Here is a list of books that are a must-read for those inclined to understand this space and thrive here.

Marketing Books for Content Marketers

These books are highly recommended to any marketer, irrespective of her specialization. Marketing books provide a great foundation to craft messages, devise content marketing strategies, and find relevant channels.


Content Marketing Books

These are core content marketing books that are written in recent times by some of the modern marketers and writers. You will hear a lot of vocabulary that describes blogs, podcasts, UX, and other digital age hacks.




Content Writing Books

Writing is integral and essential for every content marketer. It is always good to get a grasp of the foundation of writing skills before introducing yourself as a content marketer. Writing shapes the communication skills that are necessary and imperative to marketing.


Productivity Books

Content Marketers crave for mind space and routines that help them nurture their creativity. These books help creative people to maintain high creative juices, maintain a productive routine, and manage teams without loss of efficiency.


Sociology/ Psychology/ Customer-Centric Books

It is tricky, but every marketer needs to explore beyond the basic principles of marketing and management to thrive in content marketing.


UX and Design Books

Some UX and design knowledge does not harm a content marketer at all. Try them for yourself.


Any recommendations to this list are most welcome. To the ever-growing community of content marketers, a little help from every where is much appreciated.

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