mom test for product marketers

Find truthful answers using The Mom Test by Robert Fitzpatrick


We are always not told the truth. Especially, if you are expecting the other person to sound polite.

What is the book ‘The Mom Test’ about?

Asking the right questions is discounted while creating better communication, but that’s the key to simplifying messages. Reference Mom test

Don’t design a questionnaire that allows your customers to lie. That’s the key to designing a survey questionnaire too.

It’s not just about experimenting and question design, it is about extracting tried data by crafting the right questions.

Mom test- pitching mode

Takeaways for product marketers.

As Robert Fitzpatrick (the author) says, “By asking good questions, we can fix many flawed ideas before they get us in trouble.”
You may not believe but there is a thin line between extracting data and slipping into a pitch mode while asking questions.

How to apply it as marketers?

1. Customer surveys and market surveys are a foundational step in the product marketing process. And running great surveys begin with asking the right questions.

I am always told as a mother who follows Montessori pedagogy that the material created by Montessori is fool proof. It makes the child learn what it should using that prop. It is the same aspect put to test here. Crafting the right questions would help marketers avoid getting answers that make us feel complacent which drives us in the wrong direction. Good questions help us know what the consumer truly feels about the need which our product is trying to fulfill.

2. Feedback forms
Feedback forms are no longer that long boring forms. With digital products Feedback can be extrapolated at different touchpoints, right after an experience is fulfilled. The right questions will help you know how your customers truly feel about your product in action. You can avoid working sessions and tickets to be raised. It would aid for a more proactive approach.

3. Cracking the demo meeting
I would make this the first best reason why you should read this book. Most SDRs struggle with an ice breaker question. Here is what the book suggests

“Talk about their life instead of your idea”

They also don’t have the right set of follow through questions to ignite the conversation and pivot it towards committing for a meeting. What may help as per the book is

“Ask about specifics in the past instead of generics or opinions about the future”

mom test for product marketers

Why did I choose to spend my time on this book?

Heard a lot about it of course and was also on the reading list of the book club that I have been part of. Apart from that, here’s why.

I am a content strategist and I know for me everything begins with an objective rather than a check in the box. I was failing at two things:

1. Getting people to give me an honest feedback bout the products that I am working for (my clients).
2. Lack of TRUE data that I could for a rather successful hypothesis.

You could have more reasons to read this book. But if you are challenged by these bottlenecks, find your answers in The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick.

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