First, let me tell you about the fun stuff.

Nischala AgnihotriEverything about my work! I am an Independent Content Strategist. I provide full-suite content strategy solutions for B2B martech and IoT companies. What does that mean? I try to meditate at 4.00 am every day so that I carry the sanity to figure out the right combination of text, image, audio, and video that you need. I call this the content mix.  Phew!

That’s not it. I try to put up a confident smile over phone calls and video meetings to keep content teams inspired to deliver what we agreed upon. Well, it’s not fake. My authentic self constantly tries to discover, “How Do Successful Businesses Communicate with their Customers?” As a Content Strategist, this is one of those daunting questions that trouble me and kicks me out of bed every morning.

“How Do Successful Businesses Communicate with their Customers?”

I believe it is the right combination of mix, teams, and culture.

Some of the exciting projects that I have worked on came from brands such as Kalaari, iKeva, COCO, FirstHive, CustomFit, and many others who added to 14 years of experience in content and marketing with technology startups. Digital interactions, digital events, and thought leadership excite me. Follow my work on Linkedin:

What else?

  • I created the 3×3 Content Strategy Landscape for B2B marketers, a grid that tells you where to invest your money and on what type of content.
  • I founded Story Scientist, a learning community for content professionals and aspiring content enthusiasts. More at:
  • I am also busy learning parenting hacks (no parent is perfect!), doing yoga, and reading books, during a time that is not designated to my clients.