Hi, I’m Nischala Agnihotri

Journey from a writer to a Content Strategy Coach.

What determines the success of your Content Strategy?

Technology meets Marketing

Impact or nothing

  • “How Do Successful Businesses Communicate with their Customers?”
  • Annual Plan 2022.

Journey from a writer to a Content Strategy Coach.

It all started with a $8 gig. The way writing processes were set in technology firms troubled me. So, I set myself to learn and implement as I progressed with each project. 

What determines the success of your Content Strategy?

It is determined by three things:

  • Objective mindset
  • Intention
  • Timing

In the process of implementing a product marketing plan or a content strategy, I realized that these three aspects, make it or break it.

Watch out for the behavior

Founding teams are obsessed with technology. Soon, you lose sight of discovering and exploring a low-hanging product-market fit. Objective thinking focused on the goal is what helps in driving success.

The true intention to win while shedding away attachments about how hard you worked on building the technology, how much time you spent in chiseling your product is not what matters to the final consumer. What matters is, have you been the first few to recognize the problem, create a solution and provide it to those consumers who need it.

Pivoting your stance, and taking a bold step of trying something that you didn’t try before, and making that happen when the time is right is what makes all the difference.

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Working with knowledge

Technology meets Marketing

Over time, more and more technology companies were falling back for marketing support. Technologists need third-person feedback to start selling. And, marketers are a perfect fit for it. Having worked since 2006 in various marketing roles, I could help marketing startups in a writer’s role.

Working with so many companies, I created solutions templates that repeat along the marketing journey of tech companies. Explore more about it in the stories section.

Impact or nothing

I believe in engagements that enable you and me to create an impact. And, so I always go with an approach to decipher how can businesses communicate with customers to sustain, scale, and thrive.

“How Do Successful Businesses Communicate with their Customers?”

I believe it is the right combination of mix, teams, and culture.

Content Mix

The right mix of tools, people, and processes ends budget wars and validates ROI .

Content Teams

Processes, know-how, and some good habits can nurture talent among any team.

Content Culture

Achieve your marketing-sales alignment by investing in outcome-based workshops, and learning schedules.

Some of the exciting projects that I have worked on came from brands such as Kalaari, iKeva, COCO, FirstHive, CustomFit, and many others who added to 14 years of my experience in content and marketing with technology startups. Digital interactions, digital events, and thought leadership excite me.

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I also work with annual goals and plans. This is the first annual plan that I am publishing for the public.

Annual Plan 2022.

Facilitate and support 100 founders and/or independent professionals to build their personal brand and establish thought leadership in 2022. This has two components to it Building a Founder’s brand if you are a founder.

  • Creating your personal brand, if you are a part of any corporate leadership or an independent consultant/professional.
  • Establishing your Thought Leadership and create a community for yourself. This is an act of interdependence.

If your annual goal is to establish personal and thought leadership, connect with me on Linkedin and share your email ID.

What else?

“Marketing is not for Indian girls.”, I was told this when I chose a marketing major in my final year of undergraduate. All the more, I was determined to be a marketer.

  • I created the 3×3 Content Strategy Landscape for B2B marketers, a grid that tells you where to invest your money and on what type of content.
  • I founded Story Scientist, a learning community for content professionals and aspiring content enthusiasts. More at:   www.storyscientist.community
  • I am also busy learning parenting hacks (no parent is perfect!), doing yoga, and reading books, during a time that is not designated to my clients.
  • I would love to be a part of projects promoting an ecosystem to create healthy opportunities for working mothers in building a safe world for next generations.