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I was eating a mango in the car. My two-year-old, sitting in her car seat overheard my dialogue with my husband about mangoes. Presuming that I would offer them to her, she said, “Amma I don’t want mangoes.” I assured her that she was not getting any of it. After 15 minutes into the drive, my husband asked her, “Do you want to eat some mangoes?”

Her response to it was, “Daddy, I told Amma that I don’t want to have mangoes. You heard it. Then, why are you asking me the same question?”

My husband was zapped, and so was I. We didn’t expect our two-year daughter to frame such a long argument and sentence. While our wonder is cute, it tells me something about customer experience.

If a toddler with limited exposure and preferences can get frustrated with repeated permission seeking, then what about the customers. They would be super frustrated.

It also explains that if you are not updated about your customers’ actions and prefered next steps, you will receive a backlash from them. This affects your brand even worse when you ignore their intent.

How do you manage to deliver better customer experiences?

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