The right to choose

The future is not too far.

Look backward to look forward.

My grandmother worried if she could sustain a living that could afford sanitary napkins and basic education for her daughters.

My mother worried if she could sustain a living that allowed us good education with an international degree and to groom at a salon, bearing the peer pressure.

Post-COVID, I, as a millennial mother worry if I can afford a life where my daughter goes to school and give her an environment to breathe freely, like the good old days.

A new fundamental right will be added to constitutions.

And, that would be the right to choose. Because our choices are diminishing, every day. These choices that I am referring to will help us live, with no promise to thrive.

Is your best work, your worst nightmare?

Anxiety kicks in when you know your best work is already behind. You would be worried that you may no longer be able to recreate it once again. Elizabeth Gilbert the famous writer of the book, “Eat.Pray.Love” shares a way of dealing with life after your best success.

Where does the anxiety come from?

It comes from the pressure of dealing with unmanageable expectations about performance.

How to get rid of such anxiety?

Elizabeth shares that placing the responsibility of success into a magical mystical creature eliminates the feeling of burden and guilt. Creativity is no longer your responsibility, but of that ‘being’.

What would you call your mystical being? I call mine Zila. I don’t have a story for that.

Find a genius embodiment outside you and let it not be yourself.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Watch Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk

Multi-tasking can unleash your natural creativity

Were you always told multi-tasking is bad? Tim Harford, the undercover economist challenges the belief ‘multi-tasking is bad’. Then, how do you get multi-tasking to work for you? How can it help you stay organized with your creative tasks unleashing your natural creativity?

Tim Harford says, “Slow it down.”

He calls it slow motion multi-tasking.

3 ways to make multi-tasking unleash your creativity

1. Take an original idea from its original context and move it somewhere else. And that’s when creativity comes to you.

2. Learning to do one thing well. This allows you to work on the other task. To me, it felt like, ‘creating a second nature for yourself’.

3. Using diverse context building and shifting can provide assistance when you are stuck.

I loved his example of Charles Darwin.

Watch Tim Harford’s TED Talk here