My Orthopedician Fell In Love With My Maid?


Let me introduce myself before I tell why the chemistry between my orthopedician and my maid is worth your reading time.

I am a writer. A typical writer’s life revolves around two things — writing and research. Sometimes, when we get lucky, we tend to meet people over networking events. I mostly work from my desk that I set up in my study room, back home. I work for long hours, just sitting. Without a clock hanging on the wall in my workroom. I know it doesn’t sound too healthy. Just as expected, I faced a severe neck and backache.

This took me to meet my orthopedician, handsome and young. He suggested that I should and must walk or take a break every 20 minutes and recommended a few physio exercises. He also asked me to schedule a follow-on visit after 3 weeks, just to ensure I am on the right path.

Being the non-obedient type, it took a while for me to start this regime. I would most often skip my routine of taking a break after every 20 minutes.

Now, let me tell you about the romance! ‘Why did my orthopedician fall in love with my maid?’

I hired a young girl to help me with my domestic chores. She was new to her work and constantly needed guidance from me. Almost every few minutes she called out for help or guidance to complete a chore that was assigned to her. I was completely annoyed by the amount of guidance she required from me. But, the interesting part was that I was almost completing my 10,000 steps, rushing up and down the stairs every day to monitor her work in the kitchen. Even better, I started tracking the intervals and it was almost close to 20 minutes!

After 3 weeks

My doc re-examined my x-rays and said I was doing better!

I shared with him that it is my new maid who ensured that I walked enough and exercised with timely breaks. My doc was very appreciative of my maid’s influence 🙂 Funny, isn’t it?

Now, you would have already about the real romance between my orthopedician and my maid.

A lesson for This Year

Being at the beginning of this new year, it is important for us to find anchors and triggers that help us achieve our goals. Click To Tweet I found my trigger with my domestic maid, and it is often funny these triggers manifest themselves to offer us help. Though it was a matter of frustration, it helped me. Sometimes, people work better than alarms 🙂

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