One Word or Phrase That Describes Your Thought Leadership


Some of my friends associate meditation with me, some are reminded of singing, while few others think of a new parent or otherwise marketing. But, if I were to step out among my target audience, they would recognize me for ‘Content Strategy’.

So, what is that single word or phrase that describes your Thought Leadership? Here is how I arrived at it.

Create a Premise and Priority: Your Priority can be only ‘ONE THING’. Not more than one. That’s how you eliminate the rest. Use a premise that attend to your priority. My premise was to be found and recognized among my professional network.

This eliminated many things that I listed while finding my niche. It brought me down to ‘ONE THING’ — marketing. So, what in marketing. I have always enjoyed and loved the content side of marketing.

Check Your Passion and Skills: For me, it was like first love. Marketing is always something that I liked to do, and my skills supported my interests.

If this doesn’t happen to you right away. Then, please go back to the previous step, re-draft your premise and relook at your priority.

Choose Domain and Industry: The domain I chose is writing. The industry is marketing technology (martech).

These cues took me to ‘content writing for marketing technology companies’. However, I knew I could not last long as a writer. I need to find an evolved form of writing that will help me add real value in the real world. And, that is ‘Content Strategy’.

So, that lets me thrive to be a Thought Leader as a Content Strategist.

You could further create a specialized niche. Like, in my case it is: Content Strategist for B2B MarTech Cos.

Now, that you have one word for yourself, let’s move further. List down different activities and tasks you should involve in to emerge into a Thought Leader.

Share with me what is that one word you figured out, in the comments section below.

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