product marketing books

Product Marketing Books


Here are some of my favorite books that I recommend to product marketing managers. I have categorized them by purpose and intent of a marketer. This is how it goes. Choose those books that matter most to you. If you have trouble freezing on the list, use the reading algorithm.

By the way, though books from the Harry Potter Series, or like the Marvel Comics, Da Vinci Code, 1984 made it to the best sellers list, you will not find any of those in this list. However, it is always useful to study how these authors marketed their way to reach the top.

Evergreen Marketing Books

Any marketing manager, either product or not should read these books to help them scale their understanding about marketing during different scenarios. These are mostly lifetime reads for a marketer. In fact, many founders who seek to gain a deeper understanding about marketing stack the following into their reading list.


Psychology & Customer Perception

Marketers’ decisions bud from ‘how well they know their customers?’.  This requires a marketer to constantly update and learn about the changing customer perceptions, new ideas about customer psychology, models that study consumer preferences and communication.


Communications & PR

This is an indispensable element of marketing. Product marketers should master the art of writing and designing communication for customers.


Product Management and Innovation

The list below is for the Puritans. This is a must-read for tech product marketers. This has a combination of books that deal with on-ground hacks as well as thought-provoking ideas that a product marketer should be oriented towards.


Inspiration & Creativity

Just like any other artist, a product marketing manager needs to decipher how to stay inspired and creative. It is not just the marketer, but this person has to find ways to inspire her team too.

This list of product marketing books cannot end here. Stay connected here for more ongoing updates to this post. Hope you align your product marketing goals with the knowledge that you gain out of your reading. Drop in your comments and reading experience below.

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