Things to look for before becoming a Product Marketer


Young product marketers need to depend on frameworks that have already shown success before creating their own. I chatted with Vamsi, a product marketer who shared the fundamentals for a product marketer to look forward to.

4Cs – the skills required to be a Product Marketer

Nischala: What are the skills one needs to develop early on to make the plunge and become a product marketer?

Vamsi: One should develop an Understanding of business ecosystem and how it works.

  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration and
  • Communication

are 4 major skills an individual should develop to kick start a career in product marketing and become successful in the role.

Choose a Product as a Marketer

Nischala: How to choose a product while choosing to take up it’s marketing?

Vamsi: Selecting a product is never in a person’s hand unless they are looking to develop one. Unfortunately, all the PMM s are mandated to market a ready solution or the ones in beta phase. But if a PMM is given a chance to select a product and market it, one should assess the problems that specific product can solve for the.

  • Market
  • Business model
  • Industry
  • Use cases and evaluate the scalability before selecting one.

A product that can solve multiple problems enables you to learn and grow exponentially .

Product marketing versus lead generation

Nischala: How is product marketing different from lead generation? How did you learn and convince the difference?

Vamsi: Product marketing involves understanding the solution to map and translate the capabilities into an easy and simple way that end users or businesses can understand. Lead generation is more of enabling and explaining someone that you have a specific solution for their problem through outreach activities.

My 2 cents…

(Nischala) Product marketing is both strategic and involves cross-functional correspondence. Lead generation on the other hand is very transactional. You need to show results in leadgen right away. While product marketing is a long game.

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