Who is I?



  • I was able to achieve last month’s target.
  • I brought up my children.
  • I wrote a book.
  • I created world’s masterpiece.
  • I completed reading 50 books last year!

You would often use the word ‘I’ in many sentences. Each sentence talks about yourself. But, when I experienced myself in a deeper sense, I realized that the word ‘I’ is an acronym and not just a word. This acronym represents INSTITUTION.

And, the institution includes a large set of people who have come together to help me achieve my goals and experience success. It probably begins with your milkman bringing milk or maid showing up everyday on time. It could also be a critical employee or colleague not turning your back at you. It could be your child who stays engaged and quiet while you are speaking on a mission critical call. It could be anyone.

Let’s go back and substitute ‘I’ without INSTITUTION.

  • Last month’s target could not be accomplished without someone’s help.
  • Without your spouse or caretaker around your children would not have received the ‘ideal’ that you are proud of.
  • You would not have finished your book without finding a quiet place that coffee shop helped you get.
  • Your inspiration drawn comes from someone or something that is not your own.
  • Thank God that the critical aspects in your life were taken care by someone so that you could sit peacefully and complete your reading list.

Each person has an INSTITUTION to thank. Mine is really big and this post isn’t enough. I would love to hear yours 🙂

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