Why Podcast is being added to the content mix?


Why Podcast should be added to your content mix? Twisted Transcript is the Future of Content Production with chatter content going on the rise.

I have been writing podcast intro, outro, editing audio files, and creating twisted transcripts of those faceless conversations. They are pure audio. My article and e-book writing is fast replaced by podcast transcripts and repurposing them into social posts, e-books, blog articles, smaller video snippets, and so on.

And, that brought me to dig a little deeper into how podcast is going to be a must-have element in the content mix.

Research data that proves my observation right

Neilsen’s research confirms this trend that I experience personally. A total podcast audience is growing at a compound average growth rate of 20%. They shared that, “amid the array of media options consumers have available to them, podcasts, like broadcast radio, are portable and are a constant companion when viewing a screen isn’t an option. That makes audio the media of choice during transit times (either in a car or public transportation). Smartphones are driving podcast engagement, as more than 36 million Americans now access podcast content this way.”

Podcast Audience Growth Rate

The evolution of blogs are applicable to podcasts too

Blogs were meant for personal journaling. But, businesses too found value in building a blog. The underlying purpose behind a business blog has been SEO for many years. The mantra has been, ‘create more content, get more traffic.’ And, that is because it was keyword-inspired content and maybe a little bit of intent-inspired content. The problem with ‘inspired content’ is that when inspiration stops, good content stops. Content and SEO gurus have provided many ways to generate content ideas. But, after a point the content idea generation tools would go in circles, repeating the same words in the results. The brain ties a knot inside the head that will break the flow of inspiration.

When there is no inspiration, there is no content.

Value of a podcast to your brand value

Podcast is a great addition to your content mix when you have fewer resources to kickstart your content marketing efforts. And that’s because

  • This audio format has a great repurposing quotient.
  • It can be stored as evergreen content, repeatable for later
  • Limited resources required, low CAPEX 🙂
  • It can be used for targeting audience as guests and listeners. So, build your community.
  • Expands the ecosystem for your brand

Podcast will be the new addition to the Content Mix

Webinars, interviews, podcasts, tweet chats, will be the new ‘must-have’ addition to a brand’s content mix. Transcribing these content formats will lead the way into the future of content production. That is because a chatter-driven content format has a high repurposing quotient. These formats have the ability to be transformed into many other engaging content formats. The fundamental principle of chatter formats is that they capture conversations, collective ideas, and global opinions. And, they resonate well with multiple audience segments.

And, this is where small marketing teams start depending on chatter to seek inspiration. This chatter has become the new source of content inspiration. Chatter is everything that we hear in the hallways, breakout areas, social media streams, comments, chat conversations, and any avenue that attracts conversations or dialogue on the internet.

You need to find the chatter that matters to your brand.

What is Chatter Content?

Chatter is all the conversations and streams that gather conversations on the internet. Content derived from such chatter is called Chatter Content.

Twisted Transcript is the Future of Content Production

There are tools that can prompt timestamps and automatically rip the words from the audio file. That’s no big deal. But, what your audience would be hungry for are the insights that the podcast episode is bundled with. To satiate the hunger for something unique, here is a practice of ‘twisted transcript’ for content teams.

Twisted transcript is a unique view about the conversation or monologue from each podcast episode.

Principles of a Twisted Transcript.

  • When you use the same questionnaire, create interest by reframing questions into headlines (or H2s and H3s) for a blog.
  • Look for patterns that emerge in the conversation. Use each connecting link into a subheading.
  • Snip those little quotable responses for further circulation.
  • Distinguish your method between monologue, dialogue, and panel interview conversation.

Keep in mind

  • Get your fundamentals right about recording and launching a podcast.
  • Different formats of a podcast
  • Why and when to invest in a podcast?
  • How to frame the structure and questionnaire for a podcast?
  • How to repurpose and amplify your podcast?
  • Using podcast for lead generation and qualification

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