Your previous content writing project sucked? Do you blame your writer? If you want to find a true solution and honest answers, read on.

I want to help people create great content and communicate at their best to run businesses.

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Most content writing projects fail with a remote freelance writer because they lack some or all of what I experienced earlier:

  • Mutual clarity
  • Consensual expectations
  • A written plan
  • Trust issues
  • Goal-setting
  • Mutual involvement until the end
  • Respect for the writers.

To summarize, most entrepreneurs, marketers, or content managers skip a 5-step process that can do wonders for their content development process.

A 5-step content development process

Good writers expect a fair exchange of ideas. So, it is best you give all the information necessary for the writer to think like you.

Step #1: Introduce Yourself: Obvious. Yet, the most ignored step. Tell the writer everything about your company, product, industry, competitors, your inspiration, vision, and all the work that happened until now.

Step #2: Share your expectations: And, this includes deadlines, word limit, target audience keywords, vision, outcome, marketing objectives, and in the first place, ‘why are you hiring a writer?’…

Step #3: Plan ahead: Duh uh! Discuss the scope of your project. Preferably, on a monthly basis with a weekly deliverable. Talk through the design, development, UX, and other dependencies. This includes web pages, whitepapers and blog outlines, email cadences, positioning statement, persona groundwork, and more.

Step #4: Now Write!: Here is when you need to let the writer ideate using your inputs. This is a silent phase. But, the most steamed one for a writer. Great writers run their research, deploy writing frameworks, paste your needs on a target board, build thought flows, iterate plots, and do a lot of editing before you get to see the first draft.

Step #5: Publish-proof:  All this was about content for digital assets. For digital content, it is imperative to ensure that the final content is publish-proof. Scrub your links, images, create retro-fit sketches, test CTAs, in-line forms, pop-ups, email flows, formatting, and everything that makes your content feel perfect for the final user.

I’ve provided a list of checklists that you could use during most conversations with a content writer to get the job done and make your content projects a success. Download the FREE e-book with the collaborative process and checklists that will help you get the best output out of a writing project.

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