Pricing and Value: Is it true with Content?

I have seen most often with consumer goods, manufacturers hit the market at a high price. Eventually, they slash the prices during high adoption. This provides value to the customer. They find value in purchasing a product at a lower price but, has claimed higher worth in the past.

It is about keeping the quality absolute and reducing the price.

Well, interestingly, this is not perceived right with ‘content as a product’. But, let me tell you it remains true with content too.

Think about all those international bestselling blogs that you follow. The highly successful blogger over the initial years publish frequently. May a blog post a day.

But, this could be reduced to two per week, one per week and may be one per month, and so on. However, their subscribers would still increase. This is because the quality of their content most likely increases. The audience receive higher value from spending less time on their blog.

It is not the other way round. Many businesses are apprehensive about losing subscribers when they reduce the frequency.

That’s not true.

Share the blog where you have noticed this.

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